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Consulting for issuance Medical care practice certificate

With doctors practicing medical examination and treatment, technicians, nurses, ..., after finishing the majors to practice lawful and legal requirements should do? Understanding the problems of customers, BizHub Consulting Co., Ltd. will share the application procedures as well as conditions sufficient to obtain Medical care practice certificate.

Documentation requirements customer should provide to apply Medical care practice certificate:


  1. Qualifications suitable for the practice scope applying for the practice certificate
  2. A certificate of completion of internship
  3. A certificate of health suitable for providing Medical care services
  4. A criminal record
  5. Curriculum vitae
  6. Two 4 x 6 cm photos


  1. Qualifications suitable for professions
  2. A certificate of completion of internship
  3. Work permit issued by a Vietnamese labor-affair authority 
    Or A criminal record (applicable to persons not subject to issuance of work permits). 
  4. A certificate of proficiency in Vietnamese, applicable to foreigners registering to use Vietnamese when providing Medical care services; 
    A certificate of translators qualified for translation in Medical care suitable for the language the practitioner registered to use when providing Medical care services and a labor contract of the translator with the Medical care facility where he/she is working. 
  5. A certificate of health suitable for providing Medical care services
  6. Two 4 x 6 cm photos

Medical care practice certificate

Consultancy procedures of BizHub:

  • Consult legal procedures related to practice certificate
  • Review the documents provided by the customer, which will give them the specific requirements for the documents to be provided.
  • Consult the legality, the validity of each document, the amendments, and the supplements for finishing the document.
  • Representatives of enterprises shall submit dossiers and pay expenses announced at competent state agencies
  • Following the process of evaluating the dossier, solving issues arising in the licensing process
  • Receive “Medical care practice certificates” and transfer to customers.

If you have any questions about Medical care practice certificates, please do not hesitate to call us at (Phone: 028.710 92979, email: bizhubconsulting@bizhub.com.vn) for advice on get the procedure and get the best service.