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Consulting for cosmetic proclamation

BizHub consulting CO., LTD is pleased to offer customers consulting services for cosmetic proclamation. With a professional team and experienced consultants, we believe that we will provide our customers with fast and effective services.

Documents for cosmetic proclamation:

  1. Business registration certificate of organizations, individuals who are responsible for circulation products into the market
  2. Letter of attorney from the producers or the owners of products authorized for organizations, individuals whom are responsible of putting products on the market (organizations or individuals are responsible of putting products on the market, be not the manufacturer)
  3. Certificate of free sale (CFS) is only applied for import cosmetic product proclamation

Cosmetic proclamation

Consultancy process for cosmetic proclamation of BizHub:

  • Consult legal procedures related to registration of the product proclamation.
  • Review the documents provided by the customer, which will give them the specific requirements for the documents to be provided.
  • Consult on the legality, validity of each document, on amendments, and supplements for finishing the document.
  • Representatives of enterprises shall submit dossiers and pay expenses announced at competent state agencies.
  • Following the process of evaluating the dossier, solving issues arising in the licensing process
  • Receive “Cosmetic product proclamation report” and transfer to customers.

If you have any questions about registration of Cosmetic product proclamation, please do not hesitate to call us at (Phone: 028.710 92979, email: bizhubconsulting@bizhub.com.vn) for advice on get the procedure and get the best service.