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Consulting for advertisements, functional foods seminar

What do you need documents for advertising or seminar organization functional foods? What procedure? To help businesses better understand, BizHub Consulting Co., Ltd. will consult customers of the procedures and documents to apply for permission. Enterprises are only allowed to advertise or organize seminar, events introducing the products when receiving The certificate of advertisement contents according to the provisions of law.

Customers should provide documents permission to advertise, functional foods seminar:


  1. The certificate of registered product declaration
  2. The product declaration
  3. Label certified by a competent authority
  4. A maquette + the advertisement script (if TVC)
  5. Actor's contract (if any) or actor certification


  • Business Registration Certificate
  • The certificate of registered product declaration
  • Label certified by a competent authority
  • Seminar agenda
  • CV of reporter
  • Sample advertisements used in the given database has an invalid authentication (in an advertised pattern content)
  • Consulting for advertisements, Functional foods seminar

    Consultancy process for advertisements, functional foods seminar of BizHub:

    • Consult legal procedures related to advertisements content.
    • Review the documents provided by the customer, which will give them the specific requirements for the documents to be provided.
    • Consult the legality, the validity of each document, the amendments, and the supplements for finishing the document.
    • Representatives of enterprises shall submit dossiers and pay expenses announced at competent state agencies
    • Following the process of evaluating the dossier, solving issues arising in the licensing process
    • Receive “ the certificate of advertisement contents” and transfer to customers.

    If you have any questions about advertisements, functional foods seminar, please do not hesitate to call us at (Phone: 028.710 92979, email: bizhubconsulting@bizhub.com.vn) for advice on get the procedure and get the best service.